Thursday, 22 December 2011

"I rule you", says the mind

Typical Tuesday night. Just having done with writing in my diary about today and how it proved to be a hard one when looked back at, the newly noticed thing begins becoming familiar to me, I realize. A thing I've been noticing for a couple of days. Yeah, the sunlight plays a pretty good role making me want to get rid of it and hide in some darkness instead. Sounds dramatic. Even filmy. But the way I become hopeful for the night every night! Hopeful for how its possibly going to be. Hopeful for what am I going to get to know that I didn't figure out when the Sun was up. Does there seem anything feeling more alive than the hope? Is there any such thing, I wonder.

I'm hopeful nonetheless. What to actually do with these inner voices or the deeper sources they come from? The deeper sources, I wonder whether they're from the inside or something from the outside is making it happen. Making me feel so. Something. There has to be something.

Or someone. Can one really have such a command over another? Such a command that changes the whole path of one's self and life. At least beginning to? Queries arise in mind, despite the hope. Feels unstable. As unstable as I was, the whole day, I remember. Something natural, proving that I am, at the end of the day, a human. A human who needs assurance regarding some valuable things that are yet out of my reach.
A doubt, whether it is just a matter of impractical thoughts and in real, there's absolutely nothing like that at all.


  1. Hope rules our lives, so I believe. And a teenie bit of lack of faith destroys it all.
    I like the way you write. It makes me form an association :)

  2. @Crystal: Yes, I feel the same here.
    Thank you for the kind words.. feels honoured. :)

  3. This are really abstract thoughts!profound and deep..

  4. I like your writing style :) Thanks for visiting my blog too! :)

  5. @Rohit and Salaheonerezza: Thanks to you both.. I'm glad you feeded back! :)

  6. OMG!! My Diary.. I almost forgot abt it amidst all this mayhem.. Will restart it in the new year :) :)
    As usual, ur writing strikes a chord wid me..

  7. @Jayant: Haha, you sure should restart it soon! :)
    Oh yes, feels nice to have striked it.. :)


Let the soul in you speak. :)

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