Thursday, 15 December 2011

Here I come!

A warm hello to all of you!

I feel it is this Blogger-World that made me return here with this new blog along with new things to pen down, same old words but a new way to express them in front of y'all. Its the love from the readers like you that makes me want to open up my heart and life with no second thoughts.
I have felt blessed to read your appreciative mails and the way you fed me back regarding my previous blog, just so you know. It was amazing how it pleased me every time a new mail appeared into my inbox no matter whether a known person or a stranger sent it! Reading your mails has always been a pleasing thing! With this new and now-permanent blog, revolving around some old and many new things, needless to say that your suggestions will always hold a welcome from my side like they did before.

With uncountable words, here comes the same old me, glad to have my old readers and excited to meet the new ones, to try exploring something new!


  1. Hope this time, this blog stays forever

    Stay Blessed ^_^

    1. Hard luck, I read this so late!

      Thank you.. yes, I'm hoping it stays forever! <3

  2. Today, I'm on a roll. I shall read all your posts :D


Let the soul in you speak. :)

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