Sunday, 8 January 2012

Near the truth

I have J resting her head on my shoulder. I don't have much scope to move a bit despite my aching legs for I don't want to wake her up and the crowd of these ladies surrounding us is a little too much. Its cold outside. It makes me shiver but as I feel her breaths, the calm way she's asleep, it becomes a kind of warmth. The kind that tells me who she really is. A warm person. She wakes up suddenly and forces me to get some sleep too but I deny.
A warm person. One that she's always been. I feel proud of standing tall with her a few minutes ago, standing tall for the women who had no space to sit. We fought with the ones who didn't cooperate and couldn't understand the whole thing just because bad luck like other helpless ladies' didn't choose them. We fought, nonetheless, still speaking kindly.

There are these two poor ladies who look at the two of us, smiling. I get the reason behind their smiles. Such pure smiles. The thankfulness, anyone could see, reflecting through their eyes. Thankful to us for being by their side. They look innocent, they are so innocent, coming from small towns. I can tell that they like what they see. Seeing us, they seem to guess how close we are as friends. They don't thank us in words. They only smile. Differently. So I smile back, thinking that is appropriate, as what I guess is that they too seemed to be wishing if they too were with their girl-friends.
Me and J haven't had our first pimples together and no, we haven't done each others' homework. But when I receive one more appreciating smile from the same lady, I wish. Wish if she, J, could see the same. And the ladies, shivering badly, they're poor. They're poor hence they know not only the importance of money, but also to recognize the goodness in people. Because, I feel, powerty chose them and humanity didn't live without them making its symbols.

A few more minutes and the Sun will rise. I feel good. Because I see poor people being rich at heart. Because I know real rich people. So real that all they have is money.


  1. Awesome..!! So touching..!! :) I was smiling while reading..!! :)

  2. I know people like that too. Cold people are the worst.

    / Avy

  3. So true the people who are the wealthiest are the ones who have rich spirits.

  4. @Praju: I'm glad you liked it! Thank you :) :)

    @Avy: Indeed..

    @Summer-Raye: Yes, I agree.

  5. Beautifully written. You certainly have a way with words.

  6. @Amber: Thank you, mate. Words are all I have! :)

  7. I love the way your words flow.. It's so clam to read your word.
    I love the bird tattoos on the girls hand :P

  8. @Philo: Its been a pleasure to get your feedback, every time!
    Yes, I loved those bird tattoos too! :)

  9. This was a good post. True, money cannot buy you happiness. But at times money becomes a necessity.

  10. Warmth of a friend's embrace. Purity of a smile. The joy you feel by helping other people. The goodness of the heart. Yes,money may be a necessity but it surely couldn't buy these things.

    This post is full of passion and sincerity. Kinda gives me an idea of what kind of person you are.:)

    1. You just made me go speechless! :)

      Thank you.. I'm glad the words I pen down here gives people ideas of who I am. :)

  11. You're truly a wonderful person :) .. To bring a smile on someone's face is priceless and to be blessed with a wonderful friend, that is a feeling in itself :D ... Money can buy you so much and yet you stay poor.. But love and concern, you can't really measure them :)


Let the soul in you speak. :)

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