Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oh, gimme a break!

The first week of yet another new year. Somehow, the child in me keeps quiet and I do realize things don't remotely get better just because a new year begins. They will if I keep myself positive. Like everything seems beautiful, if I seek the beauty everywhere, in everything.
J arrives in the city. Having met just after two months, though it feels like ages, makes everything so happening. I can see a specific glow on her perfect face. A glow of getting better, having made it through the hardest times of her life. But I see she's now skinnier. And so she makes me listen every complaint she has regarding her hostel-mess. Everything is just the same. Her voice, tone, her expressions. She's become strong. A strong lady rather than a girl. And the way she feels safe saying to me that I was there when she needed a shelter, makes me feel accomplished. We talk, we laugh, exchange tons of high-fives all the time we're together. She raises her thumb up, smiling like the lovable person she's been, wishes luck and waves me bye.

I leave her place, heading back to mine. Excited about tomorrow. For there's something newer and better to do than just roaming around the city and having fun. Once I reach, I park my vehicle, head inside, hoping. Hoping for an approval from my father. Hearing my footsteps, both my granny and mother welcome me with joy and a loud voice. Loud voice, probably for having come late. Joy does nothing but puzzles me. "He finally approved! You're all set to go.", speaks granny only to make me want to dance with joy! I now realize what that joy was about a moment before. I confirm over and over again, still not believing.
And finally, I now believe. Believe that this year will be a good one ahead. They may think its childish to expect the whole year to be good just because the beginning is good, but I was born as a child. And I know that the child inside me will never die, no matter how old I eventually become. I believe I'm finally gonna get a break from everything, for a few days, go to meet N in her city, along with J to surprise her!
I can feel there's a lightning inside me, freshening me up inside out. Feels different to hide all this from her for the sake of surprising her. On the other hand, I can't help but imagine the way she'll react when she'll see me in person, after so many months to count. Her happiness, something I look forward to witness, once again!


  1. So excited and happy for you!

  2. Well said ^^ It shall be a good year

  3. Aw. Wow. This will be a good year. Happy 2012 :)

  4. @Marissa: Oh, thank you. I too was! :)

    @Salaheonerezza: Yes, I hope the same! :)

  5. @Riya: I did! And it continues! ;) Thank you!

    @Uruj: Hopes are high here as well! Thank you and I wish you the same! :)

  6. Never let the child in you die :) Innocence wins....

  7. ohh, your blog is so cute. it makes me smile!! You are a really interesting blogger!
    Wanna check out my blog? lets follow each other on bloglovin! im already a fan of yours!!


    1. Thank you so very much, Helena! Such words inspire me :)

      And yeah, sure will I check yours. Thank you once again! :)


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