Wednesday, 11 January 2012

That's the way it is

And there she is. N. Standing in the crowd. Her eyes reflecting the eagerness as she waits for me. I see her. She hugs me. Hugs me tight. The glow her face becomes full of, she smiles. Spreading her own beauty all over her face. I continue seeing her. Not just her, I can see what she's become throughout the time she's been away. That's where I take a wrong turn. She hasn't been away. She's been somewhere completely her kind. In a metro city. Full of happening things. She hasn't been much simple, I remember.
N and J talk for a while. Both smiling constantly. I don't understand why. We wave J bye as she has some work to do and we head towards N's place. On our way, I guess either my jokes have improved or she's too happy. She giggles. A lot. Still not believing I've come for her. Oh, how happy she is! Probably more than I am. So many plans she has for us.
We reach her place within a few minutes and we spend the next two hours laughing. About the good old times and the stupid things we did back then. About the sleepovers and the jokes we cracked. About the things we skipped and the precious nothings. We laugh until our stomach hurts. Letting the other family members wonder what's happened. Sometimes one enters the room but doesn't bother asking what's up.
We roam around the city the whole day. Roaming around the places any other person can yet discovering the beauty of togetherness like never before. Today, the sunshine pleases me. We click pictures, wondering how wounderful it'd have been if we never had to part ways. Today, the wind messes up my hair but I don't mind. Today, time flies by but I'm not afraid that it flies by too fast only when we both are together. 
Today, it feels like everyone knows of our happiness. Perhaps, they really know it. Perhaps, they know that happy times are here. Again. Who cares whether its gonna last only for some time?

But we're happy. Happy, nonetheless.


  1. This is so well written, I love it. What word would you be sweetie?

    / Avy

  2. @Avy: Thank you so very much, Avy!

    About the word, well, I'm yet to figure it out. What this life is if I have everything figured?!

  3. Yes, you're happy and that's what matters :) Live in the moment :) Lovely words..the picture too!

    1. True that. I did live those moments! Thank you!! :)

  4. Ya, it's always better to live in the moment rather than crying over the past :)

    1. There's nothing more to know actually. It was just a life I had to leave behind :) Thank you for the comment!

  5. a blissful narrative style.....feels heady...:-) I like it..thumbs up..

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  7. Beautiful post! very well written!

    check out my blog too!

    lets follow each other? :)


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