Saturday, 31 March 2012

Revolution- Part III

And do I need to know the age of my soul, really? Do I need to know how old it is? I wonder. As the greenish sky-blue curtains of this bedroom don't mind letting themselves flow, letting themselves be dominated by the summer air, the wild afternoon air, I don't mind going with the flow either. Like a child, I happen to think whether these old yet fresh curtains sometimes purify and cool down the hot summer air first before allowing it to reach me. I become more childlike mentally and wonder if its always been like this.

When I see the one who has lately become my everything, my pet, resting entirely over a cold surface that we would call veranda, a smile appears to my face out of..nowhere. A smile, I know, full of memories. I pass by this veranda every time I get in and out, but how this adorable pet of mine, having come to where he was awaited for two long years, owns a power to make me recall everything I witnessed here. Over this veranda. How I lived the best hours of my life here. With my loved ones. No, I haven't grown up in an air-conditioned something surrounded by four walls, but I have, yes I have got my knees injured while playing carelessly with my cousins right over here. I haven't come home late at nights when I possibly had every excuse to, but I have, surely, left home late because I had every person here as a reason to. Like icing on the cake, this a lot of years old place that we call our home, is where I was born. This is where I'm beginning to start the journey leading me somewhere that may or may not bless me with a safe way back.

Its midnight and I lie in bed over the terrace. Under the stars. It turns satisfaction into pure pleasure to hear my pet breathing and sleeping so peacefully. When I see the sky above me forming a new shape every time, I can't help but get all the answers. To the questions even I haven't figured out yet. When the pleasing cold breeze touches me and makes me feel like I'm getting renewed, am I supposed not to feel I'll be born tomorrow morning again? Am I supposed to wonder why, when I see just an ant struggling to continue its path and end up literally praying to God that it makes it, despite my own confusion whether or not I believe in God? Perhaps, when I don't forget to capitalize the first letter while spelling God, it means, maybe, I do have some positiveness for Him.
Is it just a matter of positiveness I'm letting in or has something already arrived into my small town to make room for revolution?


  1. Ooooo...firstly I love those confetti of crosses raining in your blog! Gives a lovely feel! I simple love it! :)

    Thanks for the beautiful comments on my blog sweets! :) I'm going to follow ya back! :)

    And this Revolution is amazing.. It is a revolution in itself! I'm going to start reading other posts of yours now!! :D

    Hugs and love! :)

    1. Thank you, Jen! :) Thank you very much! I'm very glad you liked what I wrote!

  2. First off, I really love the picture. Secondly, I really like your post. You write really well, and I love your blog.

  3. loved this line :-
    Staring up at the stars. I get all the answers. To the questions even I haven't figured out yet..

    nice n soothing read. :)

  4. The Revolution series, addictive much. Love every word.

    Warmest hugs, xx.

  5. Im so glad I visited your blog...
    Im going to read part 1..

    followed you! ^_^

    1. I'm glad to have you as my follower. :)

      Thank you..!

  6. I didn't know that part -3 was coming. Super writing again :) :)


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