Saturday, 1 September 2012

'Cause Home is where the heart is

I am on my way home. No matter where I go, as I get nearer to our house, people I see in the way seem to be known, familiar even if they really aren't. I remember how outgoing of a person I'd been, but last two years seemed to have changed everything. Seemed to have changed me in the first place. If I have changed, everything else has too, bit by bit. I'll remember how these years like some pages from my diary.

I've reached home. My home. Yes, I know how it feels like to call something as yours. Completely yours.


  1. Home indeed is where the heart is !!!

  2. Yes, I know how it feels like to call something as yours. Completely yours--
    I know that feeling

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  3. Love the post title, and I love the post too ☺

  4. Hey. The 'Next blog' tab really comes in handy at times. It does. :)

    Had I read this post say, a month back, I couldn't have connected with it. But now that I had to shift to a new city for college, away from home, I know what you are talking about. Homesickness, it never goes away, does it? Sigh.

  5. I don't have a home like that, sometimes I wish I did.


  6. The resonant feelings of one madly missing home..yep home sweet home!

  7. I can relate to mine, sometimes. :P

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    Take Care. :)

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  9. when everything and everyone else seems wrong, HOME can always be where we could fall back on... :)

  10. awww. I love this post. I kinda miss home too. hope you check and follow my blog too :)been your follower for 3months. :")

  11. It feels amazing to be home, and everything just feels right, and that is the place where I truly feel comfortable, and sheltered. Those feelings that you have described are totally how I feel, so this was really relatable.

  12. I do I do,

    First visit. Read 6 parts of Moving Forward and this post. I know it is so easy to let go and move on but is there any choice? One needs to gather up self and face life which surely will show better side soon. I fully agree that Home is where Heart is and also that it is the Lady of the house who makes it a HOME.

    Take care

  13. beautiful, very beautifully written. I too know how it feels to call something as entirely yours. :)


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