Sunday, 2 December 2012

Peeking Behind

I have been wanting to write since last few days, and still not writing ached somewhere. Winter has made itself comfortable with its breeze that rests over the bodies that need to be sharpened, just like some of ours do. Who would have thought I'd someday have to remember things as if it was my uppermost need?

Because I'd stopped writing for a while, I am continuously writing something, just to get back on the track. I need to activate. You believe I have a lot to write, don't you? But let me tell you, as much as the attachment that I share, I have as well been the cause of people's tears. Recalling that, it sends over chills, feeling colder and thicker than this season's presence. And despite it all, I fall in love with Winter every year.

Someone asked me, "Is writing like a drug to you? Why do I see shades of sadness in all of it?"
A drug? I smiled.

I am trying to get closer to everything that I need to remember. This coldness of Winter resembles feelings from deep down inside. So I'll just go ahead with a little gut that I've succeeded to earn. I will take it slowly. Inch by inch.


That was the end of Summer. The time when I didn't figure if I was ready. One of all the relations that I shared with people, our friendship demanded nothing in return. It was meant to remain that way but the blindness of relations pushes you do extraneous things. It did. I lived in the present. Didn't think of what was coming next. I was only eighteen.


  1. writing is my therapy...i write every day...a little whether i post it or not...little moments captured...memories captured to be in the moment, the only way to live...

  2. Writing to me is a way of living life ... keep writing :-)

  3. People will take from your writing what makes the most sense to them. To create something for yourself that another person can connect to, in a way however small..It's a sign of good work, I think. Perhaps that is how someone could see shades of sadness in it all, whether that your intention or not.


  4. Writing is important part of me. I may not post everything but I'm continuously writing. Keep writing girl :) :)

  5. We all love to write. That's why we're here =) You're a beautiful writer. Keep it up darlin.

  6. I've been a little off track with my writing too :)

  7. Sometimes I wonder if something less effervescent must be written so that everything that is needed to remember is clear in form.
    Or is that just me?


  8. I take breaks too not coz I can't put words together but because at times it feels good to let it rest inside for a while :)

  9. "But let me tell you, as much as the attachment that I share, I have as well been the cause of people's tears."

    Beautiful lines...Keep writing.

  10. push on now from being behind inch by inch....

  11. I do I do,

    One should never fret over the past. Let past be PAST but after learning due lessons. Writing helps in lowering stress and burden on mind. Hope that you gather yourself well and keep writing for long long time to come.

    Take care

  12. Writing is what keeps you sane.

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Let the soul in you speak. :)

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