Saturday, 12 January 2013

I have battles to fight

Within the first few days of the new year, the battle of whether or not to write, or simply leave, I am completely unknown of the winner. The battle I was too tired to continue fighting in, still, I fought with time and those who tested my dignity. I didn't mind getting tested as long as people who stood two feet away from me did it, I just didn't know those closest could do it too, in one way or the other. I will sit in the wilderness someday and think of and about it.

I always loved playing with time; the way I felt about it whenever I thought about it, how I used to feel like I'd lock it in a jar, go to a favourite place of mine and open it with a smile so broad that it'd come out happily and I'd suddenly dance to melodies. I dream to make it happen one fine day.

I could not abandon. Neither this place nor the eyes that read what words play around here. I thought I could play with time and I want to try that now. For some unfathomable reason, I can't be an open book nor a closed book that can be opened for a while for I had to pay for it all. I'll just be something in between, like the woolen slowly getting woven. I'm not going to stop writing, I'll just play hide and seek with time or words, as you may put it. I may become a guy thinking about the girl he likes while he awaits his sister by a play park. I may become a woman who is going to visit her parents after a decade. I'll be anything and everything. And I'll be me somewhere in between. Because we all are a thousands of persons a day, residing in one single soul.

You can do just one thing. Come along and find me.


  1. I think I know that feeling. Nothing scares me more than waking up one day and realize I can't be anything I want.


  2. I hope you find a happy medium and continue to write. I love reading your blog.

  3. Well the choice is yours...just go for it babe :)

  4. the thing with life is that you can do anything you want, many though either wait far too long to do it...or are too afraid it might actually work...smiles.

  5. so i understand that its going to be some time before you post again? is that right? :)

    well it d be worth the wait. a full moon appears but once a month.

  6. You have all the time in the world love. Be the one you choose to be :)

  7. "Because we all are a thousands of persons a day, residing in one single soul."
    This was pretty nice

  8. great
    thats a welcome decision

  9. I just love everything about the way you write <3

  10. The best part of the reality is, it is a part of our imagination.
    So, yes, we're all everything and nothing all at once.

    Loved the blog and the writing!
    Take care :)

  11. Found your post to be some deep conversations inside the mind. Pretty amazing content that sticks readers.
    6 Ounces of Words

  12. I do I do,

    This is your space. You write what you wish to and how you wish to. I am sure that it will always be totally worth reading. Your imagination is good and you do express what goes on in your mind well. So just CONTINUE. Never think of leaving this space.

    Take care

  13. I agree with Uncle Jack..
    don't leave this space.. its your spot.. :)

    Thanks for visiting me
    n giving me the opportunity to land here !!

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Let the soul in you speak. :)

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