Sunday, 3 March 2013

There will always be some wine

You must be wondering why I chose to hide behind the words, being someone today and someone else another. You must be wondering why I allowed you to find me if all I wanted was to hide. Hiding seemed to be the only option for some people found me here, those I know personally and suddenly and surprisingly, I was not able to name this place as my escape anymore.

The dilemma is, I have too much of ink inside my skin, waiting to spell words.
I remember the time when I struggled through the giant mountains for I couldn't bring myself to accept the change. I want to wake up before its too late for all I need now is change. A constant change may harm me, but I want to follow.

This place has always been welcoming, but I need to reside somewhere else. I might lock this place but I can never delete this. If you think you've read enough and want me to hear your words, be it any kind, you know my email address.
Sincere apologies. And a million rivers filled with love. We will meet. In one way or the other. If it comforts me enough, I will tell you my whereabouts some days later. Until then, take care. I loved all of you.


  1. I am confused :$
    You are leaving your blog?

  2. Adi,

    Your words are beautiful and inspiring. I am sad that I won't be reading any more of it here, but I look forward to our conversations.

    I understand what you feel about this place being what it is. Us bloggers sometimes feel it. I hope this journey has been worthwhile and that you've enjoyed the adventure.


  3. Beautiful <3

    Followed! :)

  4. I am sad because this is the first time I am visiting your blog. I understand about needing to take a break, to make it private (but never delete), to start again. Best wishes to your future. Keep writing - there are words that must be said.

  5. this is the first time im seeing your blog. i've read through quite a few posts and you have a beautiful way of writing. i you go private i would love to continue reading!

  6. Sorry to hear this but I understand. I've been wondering if I should go some place else too.


  7. Following what you want over what you think is right is the most difficult thing.

  8. Indeed, beautiful !! My frist drop by and an interesting read.

  9. You must be wondering why I chose to hide behind the words, being someone today and someone else another. wine buy online

  10. Just stumbled upon the blog and what could be more unfortunate than reading one of the most beautiful adieu notes.

  11. Looks like I took too long to come back here...

  12. Great Blog..!!
    Enjoyed Reading ..
    do check out my blog :

  13. It happens almost in every blogger life,some events,some things that the blogger only find peace and ease in stop blogging,some times wished to delete it but then think of memories attached to blogging n cant.

  14. So beautiful. 'I have too much of ink inside my skin, waiting to spell words.' Love that line.

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  15. I understand you need a change and I couldn't agree less with you, when your personal space is invaded.

    However, I would definitely want to read more of you. I have said/commented when necessary, nut the thought of not being able to read your writing is something I can't digest. Your writings have struck a chord with me. I hope you will, if ever, invite me as one of those readers. Till then, Metamorphise :)

  16. time for an update ha?
    enjoy the festive season ahead..
    may you have a grace-filled Christmas and Happy New Year

  17. i miss reading you.
    wish i could contact you

  18. Dear heart, I so hope you are well and doing better. Love and light X

  19. Hi, Nice site thanks for sharing. Would it be okay to contact you through your email? Please email me back.

  20. I hope you don't lock it down, every once in a while I seem to come and linger for awhile.
    I wish you're well, wherever.


Let the soul in you speak. :)

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